Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pretty Bracelet with a Cause...

I wanted to make my sisters, Mother and myself bracelets to honor Dad and his recent diagnosis of Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma. So, I went to Michaels and found what I needed. They turned out great!
 The official color for this Cancer is VIOLET so I bought purple beads and leather bracelets.
 The bracelet to the left is waiting to be assembled. The bracelet I bought had a closure on it! BUT, it had two problems. (see the photo) One, the beads would slip off easily when you took it off. Two, the closure kept coming apart! Then the beads would fall everywhere! 
So, I cut off the ends and replaced them with better ones! I added new end pieces that clamped on. Then I added jump rings and a new closure that was more secure.
  Tah-Dah!!! No more loose beads.
 *It's late so the photo's are a little off color.
  They went together quickly. Each one has Violets & Purples with a touch of silver. Each one is different from the other, yet the same. The one thing in common is a silver heart that says; "Love".  :)
 A close-up of my pretty purple bracelet. 
They were wrapped & ready to gift in no time at all.
 Wearing these Pretty Bracelets with Style...
"NeeCee Signature
**Happy Birthday to "My Boy" Today!!! Hope your Day is Happy....Love Mama NeeCee
Also Birthday Wishes to my Baby Girl Cousin "B" and Aunt "L"
They All share the same DAY!
XOXO to All

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