Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hurley's Sunday Update....

Today's update is being brought to you from a local Starbuck's location....
We lost our Internet connection Friday night....STILL no service on Saturday evening. ERrrgggg!!!!
Sooooo,  We (dear hubby went with me) drove to town to get this posting done!
Thanks to our local Starbuck's for saving the day!!! 
 Our daughter, Tara of Trendy Treehouse, and Hurley's Oldest grand daughter designed this photo! Kudo's Tara, you did an amazing job! I know Grand Dad will enjoy this poster!
Great-Grandson sported a "Hurley" shirt for Dad. We found it on a school shopping trip! It even had PURPLE on it! Yeah!!!
Youngest Great Grand daughter wasn't going to let BIG Brother out shine her...
She pointed out "SHE WORE PURPLE" since the MORNING!!!!! 
So there! HA-HA
SOooo, then Brother found a "Hurley Backpack" to trump his sister!!!
HA...Back at YOU!
A photo downloaded from Google Free Images showing...
Classic Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Not much new news this week on Dad except for this:

His blood sugar is a little more under control....YEAH
Still taking double the insulin

He had the bandages removed from the PORT surgery...YEAH
Everything looked great...They did a great job on the surgery

Next Tuesday they will do the Bone Marrow surgery
at Solace Care Center!

Mother and Dad's Anniversary is Monday so please send your thoughts and congratulations.....
They would LOVE to hear from YOU!
Now you know where I got my good looks!!!! LOL :) 
"Happy Anniversary"
I have some great photo's for next week! Please check in next Sunday.....Dad had a very special day at his local Coffee Shop...The Tremont Cafe...with a few of his close friends...
*Because of the internet problems, I will have to wait to load those photo's!
Keep Hurley in your thoughts and prayers...
Show your Support with Style...
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