Friday, July 27, 2012

She's A Lady...

 This little lady needed some TLC...
 Her table top had seen better days...
 Water stains, dark stains, chips and scratches...
 The bottom half looked pretty good but the top and sides needed LOVE!
 I completely stripped the top by sanding with several grades of sandpaper.
 I found a furniture mark (Hensler Furniture Refinishing, Inc.) from a company still going strong in the furniture business...That was nice to see! So many businesses have fallen during the present economy.
This (mark) lends a value of worth to this piece of furniture...at least in my mind!
I love her details.
 The table top turned out beautiful....I mean really STUNNING!
I was even complemented on my refinishing accomplishments by my Son-in-law, Tara's of "Trendy Treehouse" (here) hubby! He is an amazing at refinishing & an awesome woodworker/general contractor. 
She, my table, will reside in our new guest room along with the magazine rack (here) once the remodeling is done.
 She's Quite the Lady full of Style...
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*Please excuse some of my photos...having an issue with the computer and using SOME cell phone photo's

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