Monday, August 27, 2012

Boy, Am I Sore...

I am really sore this week! 
Sore MUSCLES, everywhere and a HITCH in my get-a-long! 
Meaning my BACK!!!
Once again, my exercise plan was NOT as PLANNED!
PIGS!!! They came back...with a vengeance!
To the right is our side yard, taken from the upstairs deck.
Below (right) is the front yard....BOTH lawns are demolished!
I put this lawn back together 6 0R 7 times, piece by piece. A lot of bending, it REALLY worked my Butt and Legs! 

It has been a never ending job since the PIGS showed up 1 1/2 weeks ago.
And they are Pigs-s-s, meaning PLURAL! 
Because the sows are bringing their babies too!
So when my back and hips started hurting 24/7, pain pills or not...
I made a MASSAGE appointment!!!

OH, it hurt so GOOD, that massage! It was so worth it,
 BUT... boy I am SORE!!!
Does that count as exercise? I have sore muscles from head to toe!
So feeling a little guilty about not exercising in the traditional sense...I did some leg lifts! They weren't very "pretty" since I was SO sore. BUT, they got DONE!
Those and a few other stomach and waist exercises. I needed to GET STARTED!I did 100...torture is good for the guilty soul! Besides...I have a reading audience who follows MY every WORD!  
HaHa...my head must be swelling from the pain!
SO...I did finally exercise, with NOT so much STYLE...
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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Are you talking about feral pigs? YIKES!

NeeCee said...

YES, farrowing feral PIGS! Don't want to go face to face with the momma sows! We live in the foothills area here in CA, we are known for our wildlife...including wild hogs! YIKES is right! LOL