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Hurley Update for August 26th...

For the Love of Hurley...
Hurley Update August 26th
Tara (our daughter ) & her 4 children prayed for Dad. She had made the original photo posted 2 weeks ago.
 Two weeks ago I posted a photo similar to the one above! The photo above represents the story we told that week! Dad wanted a prayer (*I had added "Pray Hard") from the great grand kids and had told them to "do it up good".
Sooo, I did a little labeling and came up with this photo! Dad loved it!
This photo was taken at my house in the afternoon on Thursday. Yuck! The smell was awful!
This week we had to travel to Redding three times for Dad's labs, chemo and a special shot. Smoke filled the air from the current fires that are plaguing us. It makes the air horrible to breath and I hated to take Dad out and about!
This photo was taken from the road at our house! The Ponderosa Fire was about 30 miles away.
The fire started a week ago Saturday morning from lightening strikes.
Dad had just gotten home from the hospital the day before... 
*Thursday was his Lab work before Chemo...Everything looked good and his infection was gone!
*Friday was his Chemo! It went very well, Dad was happy to see his friend Mary who is a nurse! She was his infusion nurse for his rheumatoid arthritis. She put a smile on his face! 
While we waited during the five hours of Chemo I posted on Facebook and had a lot of nice well wishes for Dad. He loved hearing everyone's responses and it helped pass the time! This first half of the first Chemo round had gone very well, so Dad is hopeful with this one too! We will keep you posted!
*Saturday we drove back to Redding for a shot he needed to complete this round of Chemo. 
*Our next appt. with the Dr. is September 6th and there is a Home Health Nurse that comes in twice a week to check on him. Patty (the nurse) answers any of our questions and is very helpful. 
Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful...which makes life with cancer a little easier to face!
Here are a few Well Wishes....Dad has gotten so many....I can't put them all in the post...BUT, his loves all the cards, phone calls, visits and messages he does receive.
Bev H.: loved the pray photo along with...
Patty D., Cathy B., & Carolyn B.
Robin E.: Tell your Dad Hello from John & I. He was the very first person we met when we pulled into Red Bluff while moving here. God Bless you Hurley.
Cynthia C.: Hugs & kisses from me please! I am praying!!
Gayle: Tell Dad Hello, he's in my prayers
Patty G.: In my Prayers Hurley
Debbie T: Tell your Dad hello and he's in our prayers
Arla O.: My prayers are with you!
Wendy & Eric: Always in our prayers (always checking on Dad)
Dad loved visiting with his siblings and niece last weekend....Lucille, Illeen, Louie, Ray & Colleen .  
Keep Dad in your prayers...and "do it up good!" 
Dad's doing Chemo with Style...
Thanks everyone...we love you all
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