Friday, August 3, 2012

Chili Bowl Breakfast...

Yes, its summer BUT I was craving CHILI! It was 7 in THE morning and I was craving CHILI!!!! So, I created the Chili Bowl Breakfast....
 And IT was GOOD!
 The portions above will make 4-6 servings

Bacon; sprinkle with garlic pepper and bake till done
Eggs (1 per serving); fried, over easy (or your choice)
Chili; i small can heated
Potatoes; the canned make things simple & quick, pan fried
Green onions; 2-3 sliced thin
Cheddar cheese; grated, about a cup
Crispy fried onions for garnish
Cherry tomatoes; sliced in half for garnish 
 Season the bacon with garlic pepper and cook. Then crumble after cooled. 
 Place all of you ingredients in small bowls to make assembling quick & easy.
Fry the eggs over easy and place on top of bowl. See the photo's below...
 1st layer...fried potatoes
 Add a layer of cheese...
 The Chili is NEXT...
More cheese and some green onions...
Add the fried egg ( I broke the yoke to entice you...YUM...)
Sprinkle with crumbled bacon.
Garnish with fried onions and tomatoes...
I ate my Chili with Style..... :)
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