Thursday, August 2, 2012

From Drab to Fab...

This table went from drab to fab....
An Old Country Table Look
My Cousin has been looking for a table for her apartment. She knew the look she wanted, but didn't want to pay big bucks. So we started looking around at the thrift stores. It didn't take too long, she found an awesome deal at the local   Salvation Army Store. She paid a whooping $27.00! Yeah!!!
We are pretty happy with the purchase and how fabulous the table looks now.
Take a look for yourself....
 Here is how she looked when we bought her.
 This table needed a lot of sanding on the table top! It was pretty damaged. Stains, scratches and what not!
 Here she is sanded & ready.
 The top was stained with Golden Pecan stain. The legs and the table base were painted with a light green from Benjamin Moore paints. After painting the legs and base, I randomly sanded areas down to the bare wood.  
 Next, I used the golden pecan stain over the top of the paint. I used a stain sponge to apply the stain. Then I wiped it off with and old t-shirt, creating an antiqued look.
 The top of the table now looks distressed with the darker stain applied. I applied the stain twice, letting it dry in between applications. Then I sanded areas on the top and edges of the table. Creating varied colors of stain for a used & worn look.
This country farm table sure turned out nice. My Cousin is very happy with her new table. It's exactly what she wanted! (She had priced a table at Pier One for $500.00 that looked similar. Her table cost about $40.00 with stain & paint) 
She recently found a two person bench to use with the table. So, that will be her next project. That (the bench) and a couple of chairs we are still looking to find.
From Drab to Fab with Style...   
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