Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hurley Update...

Wow...Where do I start....?
A lot happen this week ....
This photo was sent to Dad via the cell phone from Tara's family...
Here is how this photo came about while texting on the phone:

Tara:Tell him we love him and we'll see him tomorrow. We will say a prayer tonight for him. xoxo
 My cell via Dad: He wants to know what time the prayer is so he can FEEL it through his body!
Tara: We'll do it right NOW!
My Cell via Dad: He said...He's up in a chair and holding on! 
"Do it UP GOOD!"
Tara: LOL, We did!
Caidee said: Prayers to get better
Charleigh said: I hope Grand dad gets  WAY better by tomorrow
Cassidy prayed that he will get better soon
Cordell...I hope grand dad gets better and gets out of the hospital soon.
They each said a prayer then told me...
My Cell via Dad: He replied; Felt them All!!! Thank you!
xoxo, Thank you, Grand Dad.....
(then Tara sent the photo...)
We found out on Tuesday that dad's cancer was a Stage 3. That was hard to hear as we didn't think it had gotten that far!
Wednesday we had a Chemo Education Meeting....it was a very hot day and Dad was very tired.
Thursday we were scheduled for Chemo at Mercy Hospital. We didn't make his appointment :( , Dad was taken to Saint Elizabeth hospital around 3 AM as he was running a fever. Anything over 101 temp requires an ER visit. Dad was admitted to the hospital around 4:45am after almost two hours in the ER. Later that night around midnight he was transferred into ICU.
Today (Saturday) he was transferred to Mercy Hospital. They wanted to start the chemo treatment asap.  Chemo was finally started around 7pm Saturday night. At this posting he is still receiving his first chemo treatment which takes several hours.
Dads blood sugars are still high and he has a bladder infection. That was why he had a fever. So, with the chemo treatment, it should help lower the blood sugars and help to treat the cancer.
Please put Dad in your prayers and on your prayer chains. 
As you read above...
"He'll be holding on tight...So, Do it UP GOOD!"
Dad is tired and weak but YOU can keep him STRONG!
Pray Good & Pray Hard....HE can FEEL the PRAYERS.
Well wishes to Dad...
a.k.a The Original Hurley Man came from places all over this week...from Alaska, Canada, California, Wyoming, Australia and everywhere in between and all around. 
Thank you for all of the cards, texts and phone calls too!!!
We LOVE you all and We LOVE hearing from you...
This Man's got Style...
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NeeCee said...

Newest updates......AM @ 9:00....Dad seems to be responding well from the chemo treatment and all of the prayers....he will have some downs at some point but they are very happy with his response to treatment........NeeCee