Monday, August 13, 2012

Ride'n High, And Low...

Ride'n High & Low...
 and sometimes slow.....but, I'm good to GO!
We have hills and I mean HILLS! It is a lot of hard work!
But SO worth it!
Hubby and I have been logging some miles on the bikes.....28 miles and counting! We average 5-6 miles each ride. Whoo-Hoo!!
We bought our new bikes for our anniversary and we love them. OMG, Love riding the bikes, so much better than walking! A much better workout on the Bikes compared to walking! 
For US anyway!
I feel like I am actually doing some good!
What was your workout this week?
(Love the Statement-Love the Style)
Tara @ Trendy Treehouse joined our challenge...she sent her photo to Pine Creek Style. (*of course she's my daughter and talk about competition....As soon as school starts...We are out the door and on to the challenge.) 
Okay, RAE...where are you???? *(Son's Girl !)
And Nanny! You joined the challenge....time to report in....(Ha-Ha. I can tease her she's the BABY sister! Love You, kiss-kiss) !
Come on girls...Let's GET started....Who is next to join our group?
Mmmmm, Do you want to join us...YOU know who you are girl....
Haven't heard from YOU yet!
Workout Today...Show Your Style...
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