Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crab Omelette for Breakfast...

Crab Omelette for Breakfast
 We have very gracious neighbors! :) They were kind enough to share some of their crab catch with us this weekend. They had gone to Coos Bay, Oregon crabbing! Lucky us!!! So, you know me...recipes were filling my head!
 Crab Omelette Recipe
Per Omelette:
3 eggs, beaten
Garlic pepper to taste
2 slices of jack cheese, broken into pieces
1 slice of horseradish cheese, broken into pieces
(*option: use all jack cheese)
1 tablespoon butter, melted in pan to cook eggs
1/4 cup of crab pieces,
 *keep some in reserve for garnishing the top of omelette
A dollop of Cocktail sauce & a heavy drizzle of Hollandaise sauce
Prepared or Homemade
My Homemade sauces will post Thursday....
 Prepare the Eggs and pour in the omelette pan after the butter has melted. Cook over Medium heat.
Add the cheeses.
The crab is next...and add garlic pepper to taste.
Cook until ready to fold and serve.
 It's that easy and Oh So Yummy!
 I served our omelette's with asparagus spears!
Garnish with more Crab, Cocktail sauce and Hollandaise sauce...
 You will NOT be disappointed! 
An absolute awesome dish to serve guests and impress friends!
OH BABY that was GOOD!
Thank you Neighbors, You've Got Style...
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This recipe is a THUMBS-UP for taste 

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