Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hurley Update for Sept. 23rd...

Yesterday was Dad's chemo treatment. It was the first time HE did it ALL in ONE day!
He did Awesome!
 LOOK at this vapor cloud! DO you SEE the CROSS?
I noticed this cloud out the window, behind Dad a couple of hours after we arrived at Chemo!
I'd like to think we received a special message from above today!
"It is a reminder that Faith & Hope is always here!"
Dad WAITING in the WAITING ROOM to be called in for the Chemo chair!   
 Dad and Mother ham'n it up for the camera!
The Nurse today was Kim....WHO happened to have two dachshund's like Dad's Baxter! Dad and Kim hit it off, becoming fast friends and showing off photo's of their dogs!
Baxter as a baby!
This is Baxter, Dad's dog, who is very protective over Dad! Since Dad's been SICK...Baxter has been HIS watch dog! Bax usually knows when Dad is not feeling well or when his blood sugar is high! Very protective!
We hope to have a little more information on the 10th of October regarding the chemo treatments and how they are working! 
Dad loved all the well wishes he received this week....THANK YOU!
Keep Praying---Do It Up Good!
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