Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hurley Update & a Recipe too....

A fairly good week for Dad, just re-couping from the last round of Chemo. He gets tired from the treatments and it takes a few days to bounce back. ALSO, his blood sugar goes higher for a few days. That means we have to be very strict with his diet.
SO, this week I promised WHEN the blood sugars came down I would make him a special, sugar free treat! 
Lemon Blue Berry Pound Cake
*This one has a little sugar free caramel drizzled on top.
1 sugar free yellow cake mix, *make & bake as directed on the package when all of the ingredients are mixed in, including the added ingredients. 
(mine called for 3 eggs, water & oil)
Also mix in:
1 package of Lemon sugar free pudding, blend well
1 package of washed blue berries, fold in gently
**this recipe may be made with a regular cake mix & pudding mix
*add the pudding, mix well 
 *fold in the blue berries, gently
 *Grease loaf pans; divide and add cake mix between two loaf pans
Bake as directed according to your box.
Yummy! Dad loved every bite of this pound cake.
This pound cake was very moist and had a light refreshing lemon flavor. We added a dollop of (Splenda) Brown Sugar Cool Whip to the top of Dad's slice!
*If you have never tried Brown Sugar Cool Whip you're missing out....
Just stir in a little of the Splenda Brown Sugar into regular softened cool whip, stir well and chill. The flavor is AWESOME! We use it on all kinds of things; fruit, cakes, crackers, pudding.....
So try this pound cake, pour yourself a cup of coffee and make a toast in support of Dad! 
Let us know how you liked it!
Dad had several visitors this past week and enjoyed every minute of every visit.
Thank you everyone for stopping by to say HI! 
Next week Dad will have lab work and see the Oncologist on the 6th of September. Dad is hoping for the second round of chemo to start on Friday, next week.
Keep the Prayers coming and
"Do it up Good!"

It is Hodgkin's Lymphoma Awareness Month,
Celebrate by wearing VIOLET/PURPLE to show Your Support with Style...

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I'm wearing purple everyday, on my nails (ring fingers). Also wearing my Majestic topaz ring, the perfect stone for lymphoma....It sparkles in purples & green the Hodgkins colors!


Carla said...

This looks yummy. Thanks for the sugar free recipe.

Carla said...

I pinned your recipe so I'd remember to try it. Hope you don't mind. Also said a prayer for your family.
Keep the purple going!

NeeCee said...

Carla, Thank YOU for the lovely compliments and a prayer for my Dad! SO Sweet! Many thanks!!! I use a lot of sugar free recipes....for me and my Dad! My recipes are simple, tasty and easy to adapt to regular sugar as well. Please browse through the Tastefully Yours Section for more sugar free recipes.....Blessings with Style, NeeCee