Monday, September 3, 2012

The Arms Have It......

I have a THING....I WILL admit it! 
My "THING" (about ME)? 
When I "WAVE" hello...I want it to be with MY HANDS, not My ARMS!
So, in order to get into the routine of regular workouts....I am concentrating on "parts of my body" that need work. Once that becomes habit...I will move on to the next section! Meaning the next "body area" in need of HELP!
Once the routines become established...I will add them together for a full workout.
 If I try to do them all at once...I will more than likely QUIT!
 It WORKS for ME!
What WORKS for YOU?
NO, silly THAT"S NOT ME!... 
I have always admired Jennifer Anniston's ARMS! She is avid about her workouts! Of course, in reality it's also a maintenance routine for her JOB and Celeb status! But GOOD for HER! She must love the challenge of a good workout.
You have to admit, it does make you FEEL and LOOK better!
I NEED a routine for the general good HEALTH of ME, MYSELF & I...
I've started working my arms and ab's. 
I LOVE toned arms! 
They just LOOK healthy!
With the recent multiple fires we have experience this summer...
It's just not healthy (air quality issues) to ride my bike or workout in the pool!
My workouts have been confined to the house!
 The charts above and below were found on Pinterest!

 I like to mix up my routines so I don't get bored. These and my own designed routine help to keep me from getting BORED! 
 I will never look this good....But, wouldn't that be awesome?
That is an amazing feat! I am in AWE!
 This is just one of my exercise mantra's!
This poster says it all! I need to remind myself of this statement often.
It will push me to KEEP going!
Also the photo from Pinterest below...
This lady is over 70! If she can look like that WHY can't I?
She is a personal trainer for senior citizens at a Gym in Maryland, USA.
So...No EXCUSES! I'm off to Workout with Style...
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