Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty's New Desk Ensemble ...

My second oldest grand daughter, aka "Beauty" is turning 14 very soon. She wanted a desk for her bedroom. 
 We had started decorating her room recently. She chose beige, black and creams for her colors. And a Paris Motif! 
We want to add a blue for accents. An antique blue...I have found one I think will work well. The room is a work in progress. For now, the wall we want to paint is still light purple (K-8's previous color choice)...as you can see in the photo.    
*(A while back, when Beauty's older sister K-8 started college...Beauty moved up in the world! She acquired a ROOM of her OWN, No more SHARING bedroom space with the other sisters. After all, 3 CAN be a CROWD! HaHa)
A peek of the finished product; desk, chair & mirror ensemble .
This is the desk I found at the Salvation Army store for $15.
It was sturdy & strong. The knobs were perfect, not very old.
The desk may have been home made. The black color was perfect, because I used it as my base coat! 
 *The lighting is off, this photo was taken at night.
 I used a coffee color from Valspar paint. I did only one coat of paint. I wanted to distress the desk and have natural wood and black paint to show through.
 The paint dried over night & then I distressed the desk with sand paper. After wiping it down with a soft cloth to remove the wood & paint dust, I used a stain pencil. The stain pencil was an Ebony color....I made a streaking motion across the wood. This provided a faux wood grain look and added depth to the black paint that was showing through the sanded areas. I did small areas at a time, buffing with a t-shirt rag to blend the stain into the paint layer. It was easy to do this process, like using a crayon. When done, I let the desk dry for 24 hours. 
 I love how it turned out....A great blend of paint and stain (pencil).
"Beauty" loved how it looked and approved of the photo's I  had sent via the  phone. The original knobs looked great just the way they were.
 She was SO excited when she saw the desk. It was the perfect color for her room.
 I found this chair & the mirror at the same thrift store, on different days. 
I paid $5 for the mirror and $10 for the chair.
So the GRAND total for Beauty's Desk ensemble was...$30.00!!!
An AWESOME price to pay that rendered a BIG smile & a hearty 
THANK YOU from a very HAPPY girl!
 She can hardly wait for us to complete the room's decor. I have a dresser I just found that will be perfect for the other side of her room!!!
 The saying we added to the mirror; 
"The only journey is the JOURNEY within..."
I used a vinyl lettering sign for the mirror that I found on clearance at Target.
A well spent $2.00!

Just a few accents around Beauty's room.
 Sharing "Beauty's" Personality with Style...


Susan said...

Very nice makeover!

NeeCee said...

Thank you, it was a very simple look we wanted...the stain pencil added the depth we needed to give the set charm!