Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burlap Pumpkins...

"Burlap Pumpkins...Amazingly Simple"
These Burlap Pumpkins are adorable!
So easy to make....hand sew the sides, stuff and tie....
In NO time at all you'll have cute Fall Decor for your Holidays.
You will need:
A bag full of Stuffing
Tape measure or ruler
Hot Glue Gun, glue stick
Faux leaves...I bought an inexpensive bouquet of flowers from Wal Mart
Burlap material, needle & embroidery thread
My old sewing machine was NOT working...so I whip stitched the sides together quickly by hand with embroidery thread.
folded a piece of burlap, 18x15, stitched up the sides and tied a knot on the bottom using twine.
Reverse the sack turning right side out. this is the bottom of the bag. 
Stuff the inside with pillow stuffing, tie the excess with twine to for the the stem of the pumpkin.  I tied 3 extra long pieces of twine together in the middle in a half knot. Then I placed the pumpkin bottom side, down on top of the long twine. Three strings should be on either side of the round burlap. Then take 1 twine from each side of the pumpkin and tie at the base of the stem. Knot and let twine ends hang loose. Repeat 2 more times. This creates the pumpkin sections. Some adjustment may be needed to create and plumb pumpkin.
Trim the top of the stem with scissors.
Almost done...
I cut the leaves off some inexpensive flowers and hot glued them in place, near the base of stem.
Darling!!! I absolutely LOVE them. I made 3 different sizes by cutting them by free hand and just eyeing the size. Medium pumpkin measured 15wx18h. I adjusted the large and small pumpkins using the medium pumpkin as a base.  **(You may want to measure, the medium pumpkin measured 15 inches wide,cut from the bolt. The material was 36 " folded in half on the bolt, so the pumpkin, when cut , was 18"  in height.) 
It was SO easy and I had them done in no time.
These Burlap Pumpkins grace my Studio Office... :)
Simplistic Holiday Style...
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Too CUTE......Happy Halloween


Hi, Im Kelly! said...

following you now too!! Love these pumpkins, I have 5-6 fabric ones myself and LOVE yoru sissors how cute are those!

NeeCee said...

I found the scissors at Beverly's Fabrics....TOO CUTE! Had to buy them! I just love how these pumpkins turned out....they are so adorable and simplistic....neutrals are the main color of my studio/office. Loved that you joined my site, have a wonderful weekend.

Marti Cooper said...
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Marti Cooper said...

This is so adorable!! I host a SHOW-licious Craft Showcase if you would like to be a part of. I would love to feature this craft and your site!



NeeCee said...

Thanks Marti......these burlap pumpkins have been a big hit! Everyone is loving them!.......thank you for the lovely comment.....and yes I would love to link up with your party...thank you for the invitation.....