Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pretty Little Table...

Found this cute little table at a local thrift store for $20.00.
 I wasn't sure what to do with her, where to put her, if I should refurbish or stain. She was in excellent condition...so FOR ME...it was a hard decision! I hate to paint over nice wood! BUT...she didn't go with a thing I had.
But she was unique! So I bought her.
I decided to paint her and put her in my studio/office. 
(Which by the way is a project /post itself!)
I lightly sanded the table and painted!
I went with a cream color named "Sugar Cookie" and a beige named "Coffee".
After the paint I use a stain paste to antique the table. I used two coats of stain; Dark walnut.
After the paint was dry I distressed some of the areas to the bare wood.  Then I applied the first coat of stain.  After drying...I applied a second coat of stain.
After a few days of complete drying, I applied a satin clear coat finish.
 I loved the results! 
AND...she's perfect sitting  between my two chairs!
 I had asked a few friends and family how they would use this table....
I LOVED their answers!
Granddaughters's said: "A cupcake table"
Son said: "A Beer Keg table!"
My friend Kate said: "Christmas Tree table with little packages underneath!"
Another friend said: "Wedding Cake table!"
Just a few of my favorite answers....
I would love to hear how you would use this table....Leave a comment and let me know!
At any rate she is a GREAT display table for my photos!
Had to show-off my Bewitching little Witches waiting for Halloween to arrive!
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