Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurley Update, November 3, 2012...

For the Love of Hurley...
Dad is really tired...has been since before the last Chemo Cocktail. On 
Wednesday he has Chemo, a Pulmonary Test, Labs and an appointment with Dr. Fig. This will make for a very long day. His blood sugars didn't come down, this time, as low as they usually do! So I am sure that is adding to his being tired. We need to get his blood sugars down before he has his next P.E.T Scan.
A very good friend of ours is traveling with a church group, helping his friend the Pastor with the tour. Kurt has been sending a few emails of his travels.
He went to the Wailing Wall while in Jerusalem. He had taken a list of names he wanted pray for....Dad was amongst the names, for whom he prayed.
Such a beautiful and thoughtful jester offered by Kurt. 
"Thank You SO much KURT!"
Dad & Mother were very surprised when I told them what Kurt had done for Dad.
The very NEXT day...Kurt sent a TEXT!
He didn't send a message.... The sign he pointed to
"Remission Gate"
Message received!
AGAIN, Thank you KURT!
A positive MIND,
A strong BODY,
 & Pray...Do it up Good!

Next week we should have more information regarding the most current updates...Please continue to Pray for Dad...it's working!
Thank you Everyone for all of the Love & support...
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Hi, Im Kelly! said...

WOW thats amazing!! I would totally love to do that, thats special

NeeCee said...

Yes....it was amazing that Kurt did that for us! It must be an awesome journey he is on......grateful for him to think of Dad.....