Monday, November 12, 2012

Quite the Lady...

She's quite the Lady after her Re-Style...
This coffee table belongs to our future daughter-in-law....
It belonged to her Father. She lost him to Cancer a few years ago. She has been contemplating how to refinish the coffee table for some time.
 She wanted to "DO SOMETHING" to it, but wasn't sure what?
This table had a lot of memories for her. Her Dad used this coffee table in his home. It was his favorite table, he used it a lot. It had many scratches, dings and stains. These marks also held special memories for her, a lasting connection to her Dad.
 She liked the Shabby Chic look....BUT, she was torn about how to refinish the table. She was undecided.
Then, she asked ME to refinish it for her.
The table was in great shape, sturdy & strong! I sanded the table top...A lot of the scratches and stains were deeply embedded. I talked to "R" and I suggested that since she had so much sentiment attached to the coffee table, that we leave the marks in the table to some extent. And that would preserve her memories of her Dad's table. Even though the table was a cherry wood, I suggested a dark walnut stain. That would allow the MARKS to show through BUT...darken the top to soften the scars.
She LOVED the idea!
Then I told her I wanted to do a Distressed Shabby Chic finish on the legs!
She was THRILLED! 
SO, I started...
 AND because the table was so important to HER...I sent her photo's of each step. She was excited!
After sanding, I painted the beveled edge of the table top, legs and base with a creamy white paint. "Sugar Cookie", from Benjamin Moore.
 You can see the marks purposely left on top of the table.
Thats why the distressing was going to add to the new look, balancing the marks with the distressing. 
I sanded the table where I wanted the bare wood to show through.
 Then I started staining from the top down!
See the difference from the stained and unstained areas?
I was thrilled with the look. The top of the table looked awesome.
Just look at the top of that table!!!
I love the details!!!
 SHE turned out amazing!
My picture is a little dark... from the unexpected sunny 82 degrees the first week of November!!! I was transporting Her to "R" the early the next day ...
The lighting in my house wasn't doing Her justice! (Besides, I wanted to get her loaded in the car)... So, I had taken her outside.
T&R love how SHE turned out. They were very happy with HER re-style. And very pleased that I retained HER marks which allowed "R" to keep her memories of her Dad's favorite table.
Here SHE is with HER new style, back at home.
She's Quite the Lady showing-off Her New Style...
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Tara said...

Looks great! Nice looking re-do!!! ;)

NeeCee said...

Thank you.......I love her look!

Crystelle Boutique said...

Oh my! what a lovely table she is.... What an incredible transformation... You rock!

hugs x

NeeCee said...

Thank you.....i was totally happy with how she turned out! Right after i delivered her, Rae said "if you ever see an end table to match ...Let ME know"! Well, believe it or not, I walked into a thrift store and there she was calling my name...so I bought her....Rae was so excited!!! I will be re-styling her very soon! Thanks for stopping by Crystelle.......you're a sweetie! ;)

Nicole Estes said...

I absolutely love it. It's beautiful! Thanks for linking up at Doodles & Stitches :)