Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hurley Update...for Nov.-11-12

Dad during chemo treatment....Wearing his purple wrist band!
We met with the Dr. this week at Solace Center; here is the update...
Dad has one more Chemo treatment in 2 weeks, that will be the completion of his 4th round. At that point, he will have a P.E.T. scan. Provided we can get his blood sugar down to a healthy level.
His pulmonary test this week reveled that his lung capacity has dropped.  :(
He has fallen about 20%....Making his lung capacity around 52%. 
The largest tumor is located on the backside (on the outside of) of his lungs...mostly on the left (side). It had shrunk previously along with the other tumors, but remained larger than the others. He has some crackling in the left lung and he has been very tired the last month. Being tired can be caused from the chemo alone, but the lack of oxygen/capacity will also contribute to his being tired.
He has been at battle with a rash...Several causes could be the reason.
We will see his family Dr. next week and talk to her about that!
So...give the PRAYERS a BOOST please!!!
He will see the Dr. again before the next Chemo as a precaution
(we usually only see him one a month).
He may have to have another pulmonary test too.
The P.E.T. scan will be sometime mid December or before Christmas. 
We will keep you posted.
For the most part he has been doing awesome with the treatment and responding quite well. He has NOT been sick once...and we are thankful for that!!!
Below is pictures of our long walk (Dad gets a buggy ride in the wheelchair) to the Chemo treatment area...several photos, drawings, poems and such are hung in the Hall! 
All are by patients or family of patients....I have only a few posted....
They are amazing....from young to old, from novice to trained.
They ALL are beautiful and offer HOPE...
ENJOY the view of OUR well traveled 
Hospital hall...
And say a PRAYER for 
When we get to the hospital, Mercy, we go down the elevator 1 floor. Then we wind our way through the halls to Outpatient Chemotherapy.
One more turn and WE are THERE......
 The hallway with all of the 
"Patient Art"

 These photos are hung at Mercy Hospital in Redding CA ...
They are in the Outpatient Chemotherapy Hallway
The artists are patients and/or family members of cancer patients
I have protected the names of the artists for their sake & privacy.
And altered the art to protect their original work.
They belong to the patients and the hospital...
I ask that their work not be re-used or copied without permission from them and/or the Hospital. These were displayed on my blog out of compassion for the hardship they must all endure.
 And that is the reason for the disclaimer placed on the artwork.
The photo below was taken as I arrived home Wednesday night after Dad's Chemo Cocktail....After long days at the hospital, Doctor's,  and other appointments, we are exhausted. It's nice to see such an awesome display of nature and the heavens. It gives you hope!
  This was the view from my driveway!
The Heavens have Awesome Style...
Thank you Veterans...

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