Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hurley Update for Dec. 8th...

For years my Dad has given his Nurses at his RA Doctor's Office an Angel ornament for Christmas. And for several years Dad has asked me to help him look for Angel ornaments whenever I traveled. 
So it was only fitting to give them once again this year.....
ONLY this year we had a few more to give out! We needed to include the Nurses in the Chemo Treatment Center, Mercy Hospital and several Dr. offices.
Above: This has been Dad's goal since the Cancer diagnosis.
Notice he's wearing his For the Love of Hurley wrist band!
 This is one of the Angel ornaments I made for Dad to give this year to his nurses!
This ornament has an H and a purple bead.
The purple is Dad's Cancer Color and his Birthstone color.
(We couldn't find enough Angels, so we also used H for Hurley)
The purple gift bags & tags for our special ornaments!
By the way... a special thanks to my daughter Tara for helping me to complete my Dad's Christmas Wish!
This ornament is crystal & purple beads.....
I had previously bought 2 Angel ornaments for Dad's RA Nurses while in Hawaii, for the next Christmas...not knowing his Cancer diagnosis would rock our world!
Dad has been in the Hospital for several days.  We talked about sending flowers to the Chemo Treatment Room at Mercy Hospital. 
The nurses are extra special in the Cancer Center!
When I went to Michael's to buy the purple gift bags for the ornaments...
I spotted a PURPLE ANGEL!
I instantly wanted to make a Christmas Wreath in lieu of Flowers for the Chemo Treatment Room. That way they could use it year after year!
Dad Love the idea and gave me a thumbs up!!!
Mother, myself, a sister and my nephew delivered the SURPRISE gifts!
They were well received! Several of the nurses have stopped by Dad's hospital room to thank him personally! 
He, of course, was very happy they took time out of there busy day to stop by and thank him!
It BRIGHTENED his day...with Style
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A special note to all....
Please continue your Prayers for Dad, he could really use them.
We have had Dad in the Hospital since the day after Thanksgiving.
He has been battling Pneumonia, a common threat from the Chemo treatments. 
Please add him to your Prayers and Prayer Chains...
The Tree I decorated for Dad...... 
See the post for Dad's special Tree here...

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