Friday, January 25, 2013

The Breakfast BLT...

The Breakfast BLT
Breakfast is Ready!
 A yummy breakfast worth trying!
Ingredients needed:
Bacon, two cooked pieces per sandwich
1-2 Eggs per sandwich, cooked, yolk broken (*I used 3 eggs per sandwich)
2 slices of cheese, I used Garlic Cheddar...YUMMO
Sourdough Hoagie Rolls
Tomatoes, sliced thin
Lettuce, washed & dried
For the Bread....Broil before assembling:
Garlic Salt & Pepper
Grated Italian cheese
Butter, softened
I used Peppered bacon, 2 slices per sandwich, bake in the oven at 400 until done, drain on a paper towel
While bacon is cooking, prepare the bread rolls.....
Butter, sprinkle Cheese to taste and season with garlic salt & pepper
When bacon is done, lightly broil bread to lightly brown/crisp
Kitchen Hint:
I slice my tomatoes and lay them on paper towels, letting the juices soak into the towel.
Then I transfer to another paper towel and fold the top over the tomatoes. I let them sit until I am ready to use them.
 This will make your sandwich less drippy & soggy!
I used 3 eggs per 2 sandwiches! Break the yolks while cooking, divide in half when cooked.
You are ready to assemble your Breakfast BLT
Place bacon, egg, tomato & lettuce on the bread
Serving Breakfast with Goodness & Style...
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