Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stylish & Clever Decor Ideas...

I Love all the Stylish & Clever Ideas shared on the Internet & Pinterest!
Today I want to share some fun ideas I recently found....I don't know about you but some of theses items got my creative juices flowing....
How about YOU?
 Too Cute....
 Really TOO Cute!!!
 Clever & Stylish Idea!
 A-Door-able too!
Cleaver use of a door panel.....
 Who doesn't love this!
I have "my own idea" waiting to happen for this clever idea! 
Keep watching for "my idea" to be posted!!!! :) 
 Wouldn't you love to SOAK in this Sofa?
I envision this in a backyard setting with a vintage feel & a little shabby chic!
 Oh YA, too Cute!
 OMG....I can picture this desk in an antiqued distressed kinda look...with the bindings turned out!!!! Amazing......
 I thought of My DAD when I saw this....a former fireman....LOVE IT!
So fitting for a Man CAVE....
 A few clever ideas to put LIGHT on the situation!
 This was Clever....Awesome Idea!
This was SMART! 
Skewers used to hold your knives in place; ready & waiting...
Love, Love, Love it!
Simple, Smart, Clever & Stylish...
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Thanks "D" for the post idea!!! ;)

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