Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Makeup Faux Pas....

My Make-Up Faux Pas & the SOLUTION!
I was in the Bathroom....TRYING to get ready to go out for the evening....FEELING RUSHED, I GRABBED my face oil and...
DROP!!! Yes, I dropped it on the COUNTER.  YIKES!!!
 Now, LOOK at this Garden of Eden.... Everything should be Calm and Serene...RIGHT? 
 HA, not now, panic was on the verge of eruption.... 
 My bathroom, a spa like atmosphere (* I like to think).....
WHY should I feel rushed???
 BIG OOPS! I had just bought this BOTTLE!!! I was not happy! I was mad at myself, I couldn't bring myself to wipe it up and THROW IT AWAY! What to do?
 On top of it ALL, I was going to BE late! And all of us WOMEN know MEN... DO NOT LIKE TO WAIT!
(Date night might be later than sooner tonight!)
What to DO?
 And THEN, I spied my MAN statue eyeing my mess!
WHAT to Do???
Cotton Pads!  I grabbed the cotton pads I use for my make-up remover and started dabbing up the oil! 
 YEAH! The pads were drinking up the oil.  
Then I grabbed the always handy mason jar! 
 My statue MAN loved the idea! *He's so perfect }...
 Bagged & Tagged...well, jarred & tagged, Hehe
 Now when I need my face oil I can still use it! I will just moisten my fingertips with oil and apply! Ta-Dah!!!
Is this what they mean by "Saving Face"? Ha-ha!
Quick Thinking Saved My Beauty Style... :)
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