Monday, February 25, 2013

OOPS, I'm Seeing Stars...

A BIG "Oops" this week....
I Was Seeing Stars!
And NOT the Celebrity kind!
(Even with Oscar Night!)
So NO Workout this week, BUT I did stay on my DIET! 
Just a small set back...

I hit my head on my jam of my car door! The lights went out and I stumbled! I didn't fall and I still had my packages in hand!
BUT, it did produce a bad headache!!!
Urgggg....Throbbing Headache!
I waited a few days to exercise and continued with my diet.
THE headache was pretty much gone by Tuesday...so I planned to exercise that afternoon. Just a fast walk, nothing over the top!
So I put on my walking shoes and went downstairs...
I should say; I promptly FELL DOWN the Stairs!!!
Ya...NOT my week! 
At least it was on the upper section of the stairs...it could have been real UGLY!
So, NEEDLESS to say, I didn't exercise this week. I will start again tomorrow...BUT, I did stay on my DIET!
I finally went to the Dr., after the fall down the stairs...
I've got bruises but NOTHING broken or sprained!
YEAH for that....She said I could start my workouts MONDAY!!! :)
I luckily had only a slight concussion!
*(I had a slight loss of weight, not worth a mention....I will add it to my numbers next week!)
Hope your week goes well...
I'm OFF for my Fast Walk early in the MORNING!
My Clumsiness Had Neither Grace or Style...
NeeCee :)

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