Friday, March 15, 2013

Breakfast made Simple...

Breakfast made Simple...
Even if you are having a busy morning...this breakfast is fast, easy and healthy too!
 Bagels & Salmon...
 Bagels; I used the Everything bagel....toasted or not
Salmon: Canned, fresh, baked...whatever you have on hand 
Onion; sliced thin
Cream cheese; I used Chive flavored
Capers for garnish
Chives, Dill Weed & Garlic Salt for seasoning; to taste
Tomato; sliced and served on the bagel or on the side
Eggs; hard baked or boiled...as a side to your bagel
 Prepare everything before assembling ...serve buffet style
 So simple! Great to serve to weekend guests. And easy on YOU!
 Yummy to the last bite!
No matter how you serve this; breakfast, brunch or lunch, it's always delish!
This is the ONE!
This is the Necklace set I haven chosen for My Anniversary Drawing.
Details will be announced soon...Stay Blogged-in!!!
A Refreshing Breakfast Served with Style...
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