Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's All Mind Over Matter...

Yes, it is "Mind Over Matter"....
I try to keep a positive attitude...sometimes it's hard when you have health issues...
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Every time I have a flare...I muster up the Begin-Again-Finnegan attitude!
As I told my Friend, who called to check on ME....
"I'm back in My Queenly State of Mind. I've taken my place on the Throne, MY Crown is a little Lopsided but, I'm getting there!"
Having a Positive attitude is the Key ingredient!
So exercise has begun again! Yeah....AND best of all the weight loss is still happening. 2 more pounds!
New total of 12.5 pounds...
Lucille Ball
This was a Classy Lady...LOVED her Style
She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a teenager! She was one of the original celebrity's to serve the National Arthritis Foundation.
 Rosalind Russell a wonderful Actress
She also had RA and served on a National Commission of Investigation Committee for RA. She was honored for her efforts by Congress. The Rosalind Russell Medical Research Center at the University of California in San Francisco was founded in her honor.
"There are over 100 types of Arthritis" that includes
 "Thirteen types of RA"
There are several things to remember when You or someone you love suffers from Arthritis...
The PAIN...
YOU own it! You live daily with it! YOU need to CONTROL it with inner STRENGTH, If YOU don't... it will DESTROY you!
You need to have a conquering attitude...
 Exercise & Eat right!
What I like to call the... "Begin-Again-Finnegan" approach!
Start-Stop-Start...pick yourself up and start over...again!
It's a 1 step forward, 2 steps back feeling ONLY I turn that thought around when coming out of a flare:
 "One step back, NOW 2 steps Forward!"
LOVE this!
A sense of Hope & Humor is truly needed! 
It truly helps fight the pain! Humor, Hope & appreciation for Life means you've accepted your fate and YOU have control!
It Doesn't mean You wont have PAIN!
But Hope & Humor helps you to Grin & Bear it!

Wear BLUE for You, Your Family & Friends in May with Style...
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