Friday, April 12, 2013

My Workout is Just Not Working Out...

Years ago, when I worked in the School system...I had a little boy, Johnny, who was always LATE to School. SOoo, I asked him one morning WHY he was LATE AGAIN! :S 
He replied; "WELL...My SHORTCUT just didn't WORK OUT this MORNING!"
Trying not to laugh...I wrote him a pass and sent him off to class!
WELL...That's how I've felt this past week!...
"My workout was just NOT working out!

OKAY....So I'm going "Jamie Lee Curtis" on you..... 
I am bearing my NO-Makeup-Face on the blog to the world!
I had another RA flare...my 4th one in just under a year! As I've said before... I have 2 Rheumatoid disorders, one is Sjogrens the other is Rheumatoid Arthritis . I will be celebrating 5 years in remission later this month for the RA...but I will ALWAYS have flares!
What does that mean? Medications when I need them...
That being said...I posted this photo for more than one reason. 
But the main reason: MOST people don't know RA can affect your organs...AND... have never seen the eyes affected with a flare! 
You can tell in the photo... it is painful! 
This photo was taken 3 days after the flare started.
You would NOT have wanted to see it before then. 
Lots of things factor in; light, fluorescent lighting, the migraine that comes with it, weather...the wind, ya-dah, ya-dah. I wont give you ALL the details... Other than it is extremely painful.
 And NO it is NOT contagious!
So, I had just gotten into the routine of working out AGAIN...WHEN the flare happened. 
In the photo above we are at the Cattleman's Field Day, last Saturday, (You may have seen the post on my face book page..Check it out...)
It was a beautiful day, chilly but nice...and WINDY! 
Our family sponsors a buckle & purse prize annually for one of the events in Dad D.'s memory...
Anyway...the WIND was not my friend! Rheumatoid Sjogren's is a drying disease, SO my eyes got to DRY! Doesn't matter what you do, drops, ointment, etc...The WIND is NOT my friend!
That evening was the start of the flare....NEEDLESS to say, it was also the end of my workouts for a while,... AGAIN!
The GOOD NEWS is...I am NOT going to let this stop me! I need to lose some weight for my health and blood sugar levels! I have a MIND SET!
I am sticking to my healthy diet even though I can't workout just yet! Maybe by tomorrow I can 'BEGIN AGAIN" !
This is a photo of my Mexicali Steak Salad I will post next week!
It was DELISH! Stay tuned...
AND...I had to throw this commercial in...
I posted on My Face Book page about how I LOVED this commercial! 
I LAUGH every time I see it because it's too cute and too true! 
If we can't laugh at ourselves then....
This week I dropped another 4 pounds! I was so excited....
That brings me to 16 1/12 pounds since the end of January!
So despite everything; health issues, cuts on the hand, falling down the stairs, RA flares....I Am Winning the Race...
I have a ways to go...but I think my Dr. will be happy at my next appointment along with my blood sugar and joints!
Slow & Steady Wins the Race with Style...
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