Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Cattle Baron's Breakfast...

The Cattle Baron's Breakfast...
In the middle of the egg...a Butter Roasted Garlic Clove! Yummo!
 This recipe is another take on Egg's Benedict. The difference?
Grilled Sourdough Toast & Hollandaise sauce made with Champagne Butter. 
Ingredients Used:
Beef Tenderloin, (cooked) & slice..then grill to warm
Champagne Butter (See recipe here)
Eggs, fried or over easy, 1 to 2 person
Sourdough bread, sliced and grilled with champagne butter
Hollandaise Sauce, * I used a Knorr's pkg., follow directions and use champagne butter instead of plain butter
Garlic bulbs: roasted , for garnish
Garlic Pepper to taste
Red Pepper for garnish
 Have the Hollandaise Sauce made, ready and waiting. As I said above, make per directions, using the champagne butter in place of regular butter.
Grill the tenderloin, bread and garlic bulbs...use you Champagne butter for grilling.
 YUM! I put sliced garlic bulbs in the meat, then grilled the meat.
 Assembling your Breakfast/Brunch:
1 Grilled Sourdough bread slice
1 slice of grilled tenderloin
1 over easy egg
drizzle with hollandaise sauce
Serve with grilled potatoes
 Holy Cow...this is G-double O...Good!
Mmmm, Roasted Red Potatoes 
You're going to love this dish! We served this the day after Easter for brunch! OH MY!!! 
We had two thumbs up all around the table!!! Between the ewwws & ahhh's of taste bud delight! :)
Beef is Not Just for Dinner
Breakfast Beefed Up with Style...
"Now that's a Rodeo Style Breakfast"
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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Well that just looks awesome! If only someone would put a plate of this right in front of me right now!!

NeeCee said...

Well...thank you Danni! It WAS amazing, even if I say so myself....worth the making.....so good to here from you...have a wonderful weekend! P.S. I don't think Fed Ex could get it to you fast enough or I would try! Heehee with Style, NeeCee