Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm Losing My Weighty Issues...

I am definitely LOSING my WEIGHTY issues...YEAH!
I am convinced different diets, programs, exercise etc....
work for different people. All according to their lifestyle, chemistry make-up,  health and more...
BECAUSE....This Diet is WORKING for ME!
Ha-Ha....Haven't we all wondered that?
Since my last workout post (here) on April 12th, I have lost an additional 6 pounds. Bringing the total to 10.5 pounds lost since April 4th! 
Yes...It can feel like that sometimes! heehee :))
What is different? Why is it working?
I am just eating better....A combination of:
Lower glycemic, Lower Calorie, Portion Control and 3 main meals with 2-3 snacks...everyday
It sounds like a lot but it is really very SIMPLE...
**(There is a free app for phones & ipads called BioFit. It helps you calculate your meals and manage your diet plan. I LOVE this tool...very helpful for ME)
Adding exercise (when my flares co-operate :s) as often as I can!
Trying to maintain a 3-5 day workout routine.
Yes, everyday! I recently read an article that WHILE you are dieting or working on weight loss...weighing daily helps keep you on track!
Seems to be working for me! With a journal and the scales, I am recording my weight loss...it helps me keep things in check!
So no matter how you choose to diet or exercise....
Do It for YOU! Especially for You and Your Health...
Wow...How many times have I said that???
Try this mantra instead...

Sounds like Good Advice...
Make SURE You Do It with Style & a Smile...   
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A final (Soul) food for thought...

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