Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Garden Party Salad...

A cool Summer Garden Salad perfect for a hot summer day....
 This is a Vintage Jello Recipe from Grandma's recipes!
 Summer Garden Party Salad
Lime Jello & veggies...I served them in individual canning jars! Easy to store & serve. We placed them in the ice chest to stay cold until dinner! No running "in & out" of the house to the fridge!
 1 box of lime jello... ( I used sugar free)
1 cup of reserved pineapple juice
1 cup of water
1 cup of crushed ice
1 shredded carrot (or use prepared carrots)
1/2 of each bell pepper, red, orange and yellow, chopped fine
2 radishes, chopped very fine
2 green onions, sliced fine
1 celery stalk, sliced very fine
1/2 cucumber, seedless, chopped fine
1 can of crushed pineapple, drain juice and *reserve for the jello
Have the Veggies cut, mixed and ready to use...
fold in the crushed pineapple. Blend well.
Heat the water & pineapple juice to boiling, add the jello powder and mix well until dissolved. 
Stir in the crushed ice and dissolve ice.
(The crushed ice helps the jello to set up quicker.)
Place equal amounts of veggies in the jars, fill about half full.
 (Depends on the size of your jars...how many you will need. Smaller is better, you don't need large servings)
Pour the jello in equal amounts into each jar. Garnish with a celery stick if you like, place the lid on the jar and chill until set. 
 Making the Jello...
 Almost ready!
 Folding in the pineapple to the cut veggies...
 Spooning the veggie mixture into the jars...
 Pouring jello over the veggies...almost ready for the fridge!
 YUMMY & Refreshing...
A Cool Summer Salad Ready to Serve with Style...
Enjoy with Style...
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