Friday, July 5, 2013

Four Seasons on the Northern Sacramento River...

Four Seasons on the Sacramento River...
in Northern California
This idea of Photos was born when I took the River Photo below, at my Father's request. He was no longer able to come out to my house due to his cancer and bedridden at the hospital. He really missed seeing the river off my back porch. So, he request a river photo of the fall colors.
The photo below was the first in my series of the River...
"For the Love of Hurley"
(photo by NeeCee@2012)
My Dad waiting for Chemo....He went into the Hospital shortly after this photo. He passed on Dec.27th,2012
"I'll LOVE you till the Rivers run dry Dad!"
...xoxo, NeeCee

"Fall on the Northern Sacramento River"
Fall, End of October 2013

"First Day of Winter"
2012 @NeeCee at pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
"First Day of Spring on the Sacramento River"
Photo by NeeCee, 2013 @ pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
"First Day of Summer on the River"
Photo by NeeCee 2013, @ pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
"A Clear & Cold Morning on the River"
A very COLD  Winter day on the Sacramento River
Photo by NeeCee 2013
"Sacramento River Fog"
January/Winter 2013
Photo by NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style
"Sunrise through the Fog"
by NeeCee@ Jan 2013 @ pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
"High Winter Water on the River"
NeeCee @ January 2012 Pine Creek Style
 "A Fall Morning on the River"
by NeeCee 2012 @ pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
 "Easter Morning Sunrise on the River"
by NeeCee@2013 pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
A January Morning-by NeeCee @ 2013
"A Mourning On the River" 
Taken the Morning of My Father's Funeral Serivce...@NeeCee
 "The Morning After, Sunrise on the River"
Very early the Morning after my Dad passed....NeeCee@Dec.2012
"Easter on the River"
NeeCee 2013 @pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
 "The Last Day of February"
"Would have been my Dad's 81st Birthday"...2013@NeeCee
"Early Spring on the River"
2013@NeeCee at pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com
"An Earlier Winter Sunrise on the River"
NeeCee@pinecreekstyle 2013
"Reflections of the Sunrise on the Water"
Northern Sacramento River
NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style 2013
"The End of Fall on the River"
And once again, My Father's favorite photo of the River...
We presented this Photo on Canvas to Dad as a gift, at the Hospital.
We also used it on our Christmas cards this past year.
Dad's last visit to my House & the River....
Father's Day 2012, @NeeCee
Watching the River Run by with Style...
NeeCee Signature

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