Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where's Waldo??? Opps, I meant NeeCee!...

...Snap, Crackle, Pop....Nope, not my cereal... MY FOOT!

HI....I'm back! Sorry....been a little crazy busy! Almost 3 weeks ago...I got out of bed and PAIN shot through my foot! What the heck????  Out of the BLUE....(Well not really...Been having problems with my foot for a while...But jumping through all the hoops wasn't working..obviously!)  So, thank goodness, Ornery was home and we went to Urgent care...I thought I had broken my FOOT!
 The adventures of the traveling shoe/s! Haha...had to do something to entertain my self through this.... :)))
 This was the 1st week!.....So now that it is all said and done... (haha I laugh!) YES, it is a torn ligament in the Plantar Plate of my right foot! AND, a inflamed nerve...It's HUGE I might add! ...caused by my Joint syndrome and my lower back! So now I go back to the surgeon in a month, had a cortisone shot/s in my foot...the new brace is on for at least a week or two. (This is the 3rd brace!)....Waiting on a call from a (NEW) Back Doctor! Yikes!!!!  Months of recovery.... :S
 Hey....The Queen of Bling has to keep up her appearance! heehee....
 I was a little teed off to say the least.....there were places to go and things to do!
 This kinda pushed things over the edge! I came home from the 2nd Doc's office ...ONLY to have an Old Lady Shoe catalog in the Mail!!! ( Disappointingly...I did see a couple of cute pairs of Shoes! Oh Crap...did I say that out loud???) Yikes!!!!
We had plans to go to Disneyland with the Family for Easter....So we loaded up Nana...AND we went! YUP we did...Wheelchair and ALL! Oh & Easter Baskets too!
 So thankful for wheelchairs....They put us on the TOP floor!....
Ate dinner at Joe's Crap Shack the first night Yum...so good we went back the last night too!

Excited to see that they were supporting Autism Speaks! Of course we made a donation...this is for our three boys Sarah (Super Mama)! You too Kerry Magro....you are awesome!
 Me & Baby girl with her Minnie Mouse Hairdo on the Ferris Wheel!
 Ornery & Squiggles in the same Ferris Wheel bucket! Love it!
Squiggles & Cha~Cha at lunch....Waiting to see who drops the quarter first! Of course Baby girl was running between them trying to get one of them to drop the coins!
A fun time...and a different Easter than usual...Haha.....All my photo shots were from wheelchair level! Oh well....it was fun and we were tired!
So I am sort of rested... and sporting a new boot! Hope we get some answers soon...Hoping the shots work and I don't need surgery! Once again....Sorry the post was postponed for a few days!
Life- Interrupts -Us Again....but We Did It with Style...
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