Friday, April 25, 2014

O'Love My Style Face Oil Recipe...

Face Oil??? Yes, Face Oil...I absolutely LOVE it! I have been making this for quite some time...and  NO...it doesn't make your face oily! Besides, a little goes a long way! Your skin looks moisturized & even appears to decrease wrinkles.
I have a lot of people ask what skin care products I use OR did I just pick my parents! So.....
Recently I made several batches and delivered samples to several of my friends. My "O'Love My Style"  Testers, I guess you could say, were eager to try this skin care product! More out of curiosity I think! BECAUSE...When I told them it was Face Oil I wanted them to try....I had a few strange looks & a couple of gasps! BUT...The results......A Chorus of "OMG I LOVE this Oil", began appearing through my phone via phone calls, messages & texting!!! They too, were noticing the difference...They ALL mentioned how they loved it & how it transformed their skin! Goodbye expensive products ....a friend said! " I can't believe how much money I have spent! In 2 days, my face looked better than ever! After a week....other people were asking me what I was doing different? It is amazing...I'm sold!"

Everyday Inexpensive Products...transform into a beauty face oil when blended together. This face oil is light and loving to your face. I had been buying products over the counter for years...Then one day I was reading the ingredients and thought....I could make my own! So....I concocted my own blend!
I LOVED it! Even better than the one I was paying bank for at the cosmetic  counters.....
It was so simple & inexpensive....Here's how I use it:
1. After I wash my face & before makeup is applied, apply onto your hands or finger tips and gently massage the oil into the whole face or in the areas you need/want. Keep out of your eyes
2. After I wash my face in the evening & removing makeup...apply as above
3.After applying Make-up...dab a couple of drops on your finger tips, rub in & lightly pat over your makeup
4. Its also great for your cuticles & elbows too!

The light Grapefruit fragrance is very uplifting & energizing. Although, you may use a fragrance of your choice. The Almond oil was found at the grocery store, the Vitamin E is located in the pharmacy section, the essential oils were found at Michael's.
*There is NO sunscreen in this product, so please keep this in mind.

Once again, everyone (12 people) who tried this product was very pleased. They all had different skin types and ranged in age from 19-67. This face oil was made for pennies compared to department store cosmetic counters...a huge savings!

O'Love My Style from PineCreekStyle...
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