Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sweet Baby Doll Cradle with the Bedding

A sweet baby doll cradle caught my eye at a local thrift store. Solid, handmade & only $5.00! I bought her about a year ago. I waited till the right Baby Girl came along to play with her! Soon after, our niece announced she was having a girl! Perfect! I knew exactly how I wanted to finish this adorable project!
Adorable! I love how it all turned out!
 The two youngest Granddaughters came over for a slept over recently! We worked together for a couple of days completing the project while having fun! They loved helping. We sanded the cradle, added wood trim embellishments (found them at Home Depot). Then the girls painted the cradle & I stained & distressed it!
We made a mattress, pillow, sheet set and a comforter to fit the cradle. I measured the bottom of the cradle bed and used it as a guide for the bedding. Jess is decorating the baby's room in Pink & Brown Cowgirls! Adorable! Perfect for me, I had all of the fabric on hand! Imagine that! :)
 Oh My too Cute! Can't wait till Baby Girl is big enough to play with her Baby Doll Cradle.
I wanted to leave my mark and my love on the cradle....SOooo, I left baby girl a message from her Great Auntie & Uncle...This cradle is well built...I hope her daughter gets to play with it someday!
The girls & I had fun working together on the cradle. And, they loved seeing Jess LOVE the cradle too!
Sweet Baby Girl Wishes, May All Her Dreams Come True in Style...Precious & Priceless!
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