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Smother'd Slab Steak & Fix'ns

Smother'd Slab Steak & Fix'ns
From The CattleQueen Cooks at PineCreekStyle
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Serves 3-4

1 large Filet Mignon, sliced into 4- 1/2 inch slabs
8-12 small-medium Asparagus Spears
1-2 large potatoes, sliced into thick slabs, lengthwise
8-12 Large mushrooms, washed, stems removed & retained
1-2 large yellow onions, sliced into large pieces
4 slices of thick white aged cheddar, use 1 per slice per steak slab
1-2 tablespoon of butter
Green Olives w/Gouda Cheese, grilled in balsamic vinegar for potato garnish, optional (see previous post)

Balsamic Vinegar, Marsala Wine, Olive Oil, garlic pepper & truffle salt for cooking and seasoning

Prepare all food before cooking, wash, slice etc.
On a prepared (olive oil) griddle..grill & sear/brown meat on both sides with the seasonings, Marsala & balsamic vinegar . Place on a large oven safe pan or dish.
As you prepare the remaining ingredients, set the oven on 350 degrees.
On the grill, fry the sliced potatoes to sear & crisp. Season with salt & pepper. Finish these in the microwave for about 5 minutes on high just before serving.
Sautéed the mushrooms, buttons & stems in butter and Marsala Wine until Caramelized
Grill the Asparagus in Balsamic Vinegar
Grill the onions also in the Balsamic Vinegar

Steak Slab Assembly:
On the seared steak, layer, pieces of cheddar cheese, chopped mushroom stems, asparagus & onions. Place in the warmed oven to heat and meld together!
Finish the Potatoes and grill the olive garnish I'd desired.
Serve the steak slab along with the potatoes and mushrooms.
Great presentation, & delicious too!
Chew, Eat, Repeat

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