Monday, May 4, 2015

Graduation Party & Photo Booths...

The Graduation was a huge success! Fun for all, great food, Four area's for Fun Photos, a Coffee Bar, and we even squeezed in the Big Fight on Direct TV! Our girl...K-8 was, so happy and thankful... Our team work pulled off her special event with ease! K-8 had had a busy week with Classes, Finals, Work and Life in general....She worked till 5 and came home to find everything ready to PARTY!
Graduation night was Friday...She looked beautiful and full of Smiles
The party was Saturday night!
 This is the first photo area....the College kids loved it! The trunk, in the background. was full of props. Touches of Blue & Orange were scattered around the yard. Blue for Modesto Jr College & Orange for her next school OSU!
A few photos from a couple different of areas....We threw Rose Petals. gathered from the yard, in an open grassy area creating a fun photo area....and the small bedroom porch (Dad & Rae's house off the backyard) was another photo op area!
 Adorable!!! Sister, Coco made the arrows around the yard for the Party!

 Dad & Rae pose with K-8 on the rose petaled grass, boyfriend Sean & K-8's friends round out the pictures!

This is the old playhouse we purchased for the kids years and years ago....Dad set up viedo games for the younger children & this also served as a photo booth!

Scenes from before & during the party & the pay per view fight are shown here....
Coffee Bar....A hit with the College friends and Family
We set up the Coffee Bar and Food table in the walkway between the two houses.
 A collection of party decorations & prepartions...Nana & Papa's back door into the shared backyard..
Haha...This is K-8's House, Nan & Pop are her roommates!!! So happy she doesn't mind sharing her house with the old people! :)))
 A proud Daddy & Rae with K-8...in the Rose Petal area & and the Almond Orchard in the background

Congratulations K-8... Your Dreams are coming true!

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mackyton said...

You did a great job dear in party. Well said! Graduation was a grand success for me too. I organized a party at Los Angeles event venues for all my friends and family. Venue was decorated by famous decorator of city.