Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cowgirl BoHo Crocheted Necklace...

This Cowgirl BoHo Crocheted Necklace turned out so cute....My dear friend Mary loved her birthday gift! Pictures & directions are included below....
 I had seen some crocheted necklaces on Pinterest....Since I know how to crochet and this was a simple chain stitch....I figured this was going be easy and fun! It was.....
 I added the coins as an after thought...so I tied them on individually. Love the look!
 Here is a close up...
 this is the back closer....with a couple of stones slightly dangling down.
 Here the necklace is in progress.....loved how it came together
 This is the two ends...waiting for the clouser...
And the finishing touch, binding it closed!

Cowgirl BoHo Crochted Necklace

Items needed:

  • Crochet thread, #10, brown
  • Beading Needle
  • Crochet hook, size 2.75 or a little larger
  • Assorted beads, about 90-96 small beads, assorted sizes & colors

  1. Leave about 10 inches of thread, unworked
  2. String on the beads using the beading needle
  3. Chain 5-6 chains of thread...stop and tie a single knot on the start od the chain, leaving a long (10") tail of thread on the end...
  4. On the next chain crochet, include one bead in the chain, chain 3 to 4 more single chains
  5. Repeat step #4 until all beads are included in the crocheted chain.
  6. After the last bead is included, chain 5-6 chains (see step #3)...
  7. Thread the two finished ends through a bead ( I used a flat one) and finish off by tying in a double knot. leave the long strands...next....
  8. Double the necklace, making it a two strand necklace. Taking the long, end strands, tie the pieces together, close to the closure/ending. Add a single bead to each ending and tie off in a knot.
  9. Trim the extra strands off. Necklace is finished
Note: I added dilled coins to the finished piece, as an after thought....to add a little gypsy look to the piece. I just hand tied these on with simple knots and left a few raw edges of the string, lending a casual boho look.
My dear friend Mary, LOVED her new necklace! Now, I need one!....Off to make another....
 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpg

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