Monday, September 14, 2015

Knots Of Love Necklace....

My latest Necklace..." Knots of Love" is crocheted with brown cotton #20 thread with bronze & turquisoe glass beads, silver beads and assorted turqouise pieces! A gift for my daughter....She Loves it!
 The finished product....5 Strands total
 Close up details, above & below....
 Recipe for Knots of Love...
  Designed by the CattleQueen at PineCreekStyle


  • 1 small size G crochet hook
  • Brown crochet thread #20 weight
  • Beading Needle
  • Approximately 200- assorted beads: I used Bronze & Turquoise glass beads, Assorted silver beads & assorted turquoise chunks.


  1. For the first strand, load 90 assorted beads onto the thread with your beading needle. Choose you pattern as you wish....
  2. Leave a 6-8 inch lead, then chain....Crochet 6 to eight single crochets creating a chain
  3. Next, start by crocheting a bead into the next single crochet, then do 3 single crochets, repeat until all beads are worked into the chain.
  4. Finish,  by doing 6 single crochets, knotting off the end. Leaving 6-8 inches of string on the end.
  5. Set aside for assembly later
  6. The Second strand will use 80 beads, it is worked the same as the first strand...set aside when done for assembly later
  7. The third strand is all turquoise chunks, choose the amount you wish...I used 7 chunks
  8. I doubled the thread measuring 35 inches in length (70 doubled)....then I added turquoise chunks every so often with tying a double knot on either side of the turquoise chunk to hold in place. Repeat until the strand is finished. Make sure to leave some string on each end to assemble with.

If you have a dress form or a necklace form....This may help when you assemble the necklace...This will hold the necklace in position while you work.
  • With the first stand, tie the ends together, then double the strand and tie together again. Set aside
  • Do the same with the second strand. Set aside
  • Now, tie the two strands together, forming a 4 strand layered necklace
  • Next, tie the single strand together and then position and tie the third strand on to the four strand piece
  • You now have a 5 strand necklace!
  • With the strings you used to connect the strands..You may finish off by knotting &  cutting or add a few beads to the back that hang slightly for a completely finished look

 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpg

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