Friday, July 29, 2016

My Rooster Flew the Coop....

A while back the strangest thing happened....I was outside the kitchen working on my dry creekbed area....Ornery had just left for the day...it was about 6am! I heard a loud crash in the kitchen...Mind you no one was in the house!!!! I walked over to the kitchen door and saw my Rooster on the tile floor!!!! Very weird...Not sure how that happened...And... the way it sat on my shelf....It seemed impossible! (It sits down about 3 inches or more below the crown molding!) Nothing else in the kitchen was moved or disturburbed! I had had a fleeting thought that we had had an earthquake...NOPE! Still a mystery....So instead of throwing him away.... Here is what I did to save my beloved and one of my very favorite roosters.....WHEN he flew the coop!

This is the after photo...Love how Mr. Rooster looks...made handsome again!
 This is Mr. Roosterbefore his accident...Guess he wanted to be outside and not COOPED-UP!

Broken Mr. Rooster...my heart sank! He was so pretty and I had had him a very long time!
Very surprised he didn't loose his head!!!!
 He is restored to his former beauty, now he reigns over the back kitchen entry....
 Mr. Rooster now welcomes our back door guests! Love the color he adds to the back walk up!

I was so sick about him falling....
My oldest rooster and one of my faves! I had to think of something to do with him... Couldn't bare to throw him away!

Happy with my salvaged Mr. Rooster.....He's got PineCreekStyle!!!
 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpgXO....Happy Birthday Ornery!

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