Friday, September 23, 2016

Bruschetta Bagels...

Rising to the challenge of our College granddaughter K-8....I am busily creating and recalculating recipes to fit College students needs. She was in a dorm last year and had a meal ticket! This year, she is in an apartment...with a full kitchen! So....I gave her an uncompleted "CattleQueen Cookbook", with promises of more recipes to follow. Then I loaded her up with homemade cookies, quiche and seasonings as she left for her trek to school in the next state!...Hope some of those cookies made it to the fiancee!
  (YEP...Big news this SUMMER...K-8's engaged! Expanding our family.....WHOOHOO!)

Her requests were for simple, few ingredients and smaller quantities. That being said....Nana jumped right in and started to work! I now have three new boards on our Pinterest page at PinecreekStyle: College Cooking (along with helpful cooking & cleaning tips), College Decor  (Decorating on a budget w/o losing awesomeness!) & Gifts for the College Student (meaning mainly Mom, Dad & Grandparents !!! )..... Check these boards out along with all of our other boards...We promise there will be plenty for you to Pin & Save!

Bruschetta Bagels....

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