Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stylish Boudoir's..

Black & White Boudoir...
This room has several shades of blacks fading into grays and whites blending into creams. The furniture is antique brass, mixed with warm woods throughout the room. Just a touch of contemporary/modern with a little shabby chic glitz thrown into the mix. Finishing touch is the splash of red (pillows) on the bed.
This guest room provides a place to sit and read or relax. There's also a full length mirror.
The bed placement is a great focal point as you enter the room. The king size bed is actually placed in an alcove, thus framing the bed and giving the room depth. A few old family photos lend comfort and add a vintage look. 
The curtains are translucent, yet allow privacy. They also filter the harsh sun in the afternoon.  
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