Friday, November 4, 2011

Gourmet Adam & Eve on a Raft...

This vintage diner recipe, Adam & Eve on a Raft, was so simple. 
It's just poached eggs on toast.
A little boring to ME! So, I added a gourmet effect!
You have to have STYLE, even if it is breakfast!
And, WOW it was GOOD!
Gourmet Adam & Eve on a Raft ~ Gourmet Style
by NeeCee
1. A "crowd" of Bacon (crowd=three of a kind)
Baked in an oven at 350 till crisp
2. 1 can (per 2 or 3 people) of potatoes (sliced, drained), fried with butter and seasoned with salt & garlic pepper.
3. Cowboy Toast, grilled sourdough whole wheat bread, buttered, garlic pepper, and Parmesan cheese. Grill on medium burner on plain side first. When toasted, flip and grill on buttered cheese side.
4. Two Cackle berries, (eggs) per person, poached or fried...soft yolks.
If you scramble the eggs, it becomes; Adam and Eve on a Rafted, WRECKED!
5.Hollandaise Sauce from a Knorr's package. Follow directions on the package, add a dash of red pepper to kick it up a notch. (Just a light dash, it's hot.Assembly:
One piece of whole wheat grilled toast.
Two eggs over easy (or poached) served on top of toast.
Drizzle Hollandaise sauce across the top off eggs.
Place 3 pieces of bacon on one side and fried potatoes on the other side.
Drizzle more Hollandaise sauce across the potatoes.
For the finish...garnish eggs with grilled asparagus, optional.
(*After potatoes are done, throw on the asparagus, it grills quickly)
Ready to serve...
A quick breakfast, that looks like you're a culinary expert! 
Great for Brunch during holidays...even dinner!
Cooking and Serving it up with Vintage Style.....


Holly Lefevre said...

I could get used to that kind of a meal! It looks fabulous and anything with toast like that has to be good!

NeeCee said...

The toast is amazing...I use it for lots of meals! Thanks for the great comment...you have Style. NeeCee