Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's time to R.S.V. P...

Lady's and Gent's....It is that time of year for Invitation's to start arriving. We have all gotten the "RSVP" invitation. The problem is, NOT everyone responds. Leaving the host & hostess in a quandary! The first dilemma is trying to plan around an undetermined number of people, which leads to preparation and buying of food, drinks, party supplies. and more.
* Did you know that over 80 percent of personal invitations never respond!
"Your Host deserves the respect of a response."
It is the Host's responsibility to clearly inform their guests of ALL the information regarding the upcoming party. It is then the Guest's responsibility to R.S.V.P. in a timely manner. 
*Accepting social invitations should never be a chore. It's really a compliment to be invited to someones home or event. 
Just by receiving the invitation, it says they would love to have you present.
We have all been on both sides of this Party-Fence. So, since we All have been there, remember to be considerate of your Host's & 
Guest's when it comes to R.S.V.P.'s.

There are many forms of RSVP's; Regrets Only (simple & easy), Please Reply, RSVP (Respodes s'll voius plait, French form), Please respond by _____ (date), etc. 
A Guide for Basic RSVP Rules:

1. An RSVP should be answered with in 24-48 hours of receiving the request.
(Many invitations now include an "End Date" for responses, 
this may also be your guide.) 

2. Regarding multiple same date invitations: Proper etiquette dictates that the first invitation received is responded to as Accepted and all other/s are Declined.

3. Immediately mark the date "saved", on your personal/business calendars.
Inform anyone in your household or guest to do the same.

4. If you must divide your time between two events, please do so respectfully.
Give both events your undivided attention and gracefully explain WHY you must leave early or arrive later, beforehand. Not really recommend to do this, but some circumstances do apply. Use your BEST judgement.

5. On E-vites, (emails invitations). Make sure you respond responsibly. They may have a responder attached to notify the sender that you opened the correspondence. Therefore a timely response is mandatory. This invitation deserves the same respect as a written invitation, and so does your Host.

6. If you must decline an invitation, do so with respect. Treat other's as you would like to be treated. Don't let a poor excuse catch you in a lie. Be honest with your reasons why you can't attend. 
A good rule is; "Less is More".
Above: Probably a response card sent from a frustrated Host!!!
In any case you MUST respond, it is the polite thing to do! 
You never want to appear inconsiderate or rude.
Common Courtesy & RSVP's are Always in Style......
"Happy Holiday's to You"
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Kori Donahue said...

Love this post NeeCee! Hope you're well! Kori xoxo

NeeCee said...

Thanks Kori! You're a doll...I am good, loving your blog too! xoxo NeeCee...