Monday, November 7, 2011

The Thanksgiving Table & Traditions...

I love the traditional colors of Thanksgiving, but...I found some awesome Silver Turkeys. And I wondered how could I use them? 
It's hard enough to find quality Thanksgiving Decor, and these silver turkeys were beautiful. 
Wanted them, Got them, Now what do I do with them?!!?
I admit it was the first time I ever thought of mingling silver with the traditional harvest colors. But then again, mixed metal colors are in...
I found My Turkey at our favorite local Home Decor Store (House of Design, Red Bluff Ca). I LOVE everything they display at this store!
(*Actually found two styles of silver turkeys, love'm.)
I was very pleased how everything turned out. Adding bling, glass, white, silver and traditional colors. Found two cream colored bejeweled pumpkins at TJ Maxx and added them to the other Glitter-Sugared pumpkins. Added some garland from "Michaels" that is twiggy with bling-y accents, and strung them around the base of the table's decor.
Then using my white cloth napkins with pearl trim and silver bling-y napkin rings, I had purchased at Pier One. It was all pulling together.
The place cards (silver & shiny) are from my New Years Eve Decor, with subtle green gift tags for the name tags (needed a touch more of green). 
The place mats are bling-y silver, also from Pier One.
(Below is a close up of the table's center piece. My runner is beaded too!)
"Silver Turkey?"
I found the little 'silver' turkey candle holders at TJ Maxx to use under glass. Exactly what I was looking for. Yeah, I needed a few more touches of silver. I placed an acorn in the small opening where the candle taper was.
 (These were on clearance, because the candles didn't match.) 
Got them for a dollar! Score!!!
Loved the end results. Have already gotten some lovely remarks. 
And a few Eww's and Ahhh's here and there.
"Turkey under Glass"
"The Great White Pumpkin"

 Place Card's with a Twist!
 I hated looking at the blank side of a place card while eating! 
I KNOW silly...but it gave me an idea to create conversations.
 Love this for Holidays and Special occasions. Write the name on one side for your seating arrangements. Then write a question on the other side regarding your event. My family and friends love this idea so much that everyone takes turns on answering ALL the questions.
 Mom D. loves it when we do this! She gets to hear everyone's thoughts about our favorite things and holidays from years past!
"Place Cards Family Style"
Each place card has a question; family tradition, holiday food, memories of holidays and so on.
 "SO much FUN."
 It creates memories TOO! 
It is NOW one of our many "family tradition" must do's. 
We LOVE it!
"Start a New Tradition"
Our sister-in-law introduced this tradition at Thanksgiving years ago.
 We sing the "Johnny Appleseed" song while holding hands around the table. 
We do this before the blessing is said.

"Oh, the Lord is Good to Me...
And so, I Thank the Lord,
Forgiving Me the things I need,
the Sun and the Rain and the Apple seed...
The LORD is Good to ME."
"Write & Share Your Thoughts"
 We started a tradition years ago, "The Thankful Jar". Each person writes a note about what or why they are thankful. We do this Thanksgiving morning at breakfast. At dinner, each person draws out a paper (it cannot be their own) to read.
 'The Thankful Jar"
Then each person reads the note they hold. Then we ALL try to guess WHO wrote which note.
"Thankful Notes"
 We laugh, giggle, cry and are thankful for each persons contribution and thoughts. They are silly, serious, funny, etc.  Some sign their name and some don't. Some put their age, some don't. To each their own.
"Store & Save"
I keep the cards. I put them in a plastic bag and mark the year.
Storing them with my Thanksgiving decor.
Sometimes we'll pull out the previous years cards and re-read them.
This is a wonderful tradition we share. 
The kids loved it SO much they asked to do this for Christmas too! So we do.
 Last year for our "Kids gifts to the parents and grandparents" we made
 "Blessing Jars".
The Blessing Jar can cover all of the Holidays.
**Visit my daughter's blog, "Trendy Tree House"; she featured her's in her "Twelve Weeks of Gifts for Christmas" article posted last week.
Doing Thanksgiving with Style.....
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MrsOgg said...

Wow your table is decked out! I lOVE the traditions you shared. I think my mom tried doing something like this but, I think writing it down would be even better. Thanks for sharing.

NeeCee said...

Thanks! I wasn't sure when I started about blending the silver turkey...but it fell into place! And SO happy with the results. Yeah!!!

We love family traditions and we have several. I love hearing other families share their traditions. I have a group of friends from around the world and we share holiday traditions when we get together once a year! So much FUN!

Thank you for your lovely comment, NeeCee