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Simple Actions Can Make You an Ogress...

Before I jump into my te'te-a'-te'te for the week...I just wanted to remind everyone in the states of Election Day.
**Please see my article below....
Today is Election Day
The appointed day for an election, in the United States, is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
If you have an election day in your area, don't forget to vote today!
"Simple actions CAN make you an Ogress!"
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They're Cute! ME, Not so much!! Read on...
I sneezed on Tuesday, while we were down south, (central California). 
I am certain thousands of other people sneezed on Tuesday too! 
Me, I have sneezed many, many times!
 But Tuesday, MY BACK went out!
 Usually when the "back" decides to GO, it only takes two or three days to get back to normal. NOT this time, it's been 6 days and counting! The Hubby is being patient and very helpful, my friends and family look at me and WINCE! 
Everyone is perplexed about HOW to help me!
Life goes on, back pain or not!
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Awesome place to SHOP!
I was in TJ Maxx shopping when I sneezed. I was looking for the final touches I needed for the Thanksgiving table, (see Monday's post). 
I got an instant "Bless You"! You'd think I'd be GOOD. 
 (The little voice in my head warned me to BEWARE.)
 I didn't notice or feel anything different. 
(See Mondays Post for more details.)
So, I finished my shopping and headed to a grand daughter's basketball game.
My "back" was good, so far. Never really gave it another thought. 
Until... I woke up at 2AM with a stiff neck and a sore right hip. 
I took a muscle relaxer went back to bed.  
(Google Image)
On Wednesday a business dinner took place, all went well, to spite the moderate pain in the neck. The wine with dinner helped. Slept good! 
"Wine for my Whine"
Thursday, stiff neck still there. NO better, NO worse. 
Now, I had another basketball game. Only this time two grand daughters, were playing against each other! They attend 2 different junior high schools, so I sat in the middle and rooted for both girls. 
NOT good! Twisting my head back and forth did NOT help! 
To make matters worse, after I left the game, we headed north. Sitting in the truck for 3 + hours did not help either. 
But, I had to get home for an event on Saturday.
(Google Image)
Friday, really NOT good. Awful pain and spasms!
Much worse!!! Pills, 24-7!
 By this time I felt and looked like a stiff, ugly OGRESS!
The hot showers, muscle relaxers, pain pills and heat patches were NOT working. The massages my poor tired husband were giving me only worked for an hour or two.
I was dressed and looked like a ZOMBIE!
 A leftover Halloween Costume gone AWRY!
 Black PJ's, big bulky gray sweater, black slipper socks and a scarf around my neck! The hair twisted on top of my head.  
The HAIR looked a lot like "The Bride of Frankenstein's"! 
Ogreish, truly Ogreish!
(Google Image)
I think my hair looked WORSE than this....UGH!
Saturday morning came early, the local Cattle Women's Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon started at 10 o'clock. I had to be there. I had been asked for a donation; one of my necklace's for the raffle. 
I called this one; "A Cowgirl's Chocolate Pearls"
Our table was a mixture of friends and family, I was to drive some of them there. I woke late, a result from all the med's the night before. Jumping through a very hot shower and a fast scrunch to my hair, I attempted to do my make-up and get dressed. That DONE, I raced to the car, while hubby handed me my protein drink.
 NO, pills today! 
(Google Image)
"I wanted to look like this, but I guarantee I did NOT!"
The day went pretty well and I muddled through. My family and friends  would WINCE when I moved! The Ogress had cleaned up pretty good, but I was stiff as steel!
(google image)
Ready to take on the Day! HA!
Determined to Look GOOD...Not sure I DID!
I managed to get through the day. We even made it to a family dinner that night. Only now---I was back on all the pills. It helped---a little.
Sunday, no change...getting very bored with this situation! Can't do darn thing!
Slept most the day and had returned to my Ogress look! I hadn't been to the grocery store so we were running low on supplies. Hunger had set in around 1pm. I had been living mostly off protein drinks. I wanted something of substance, comfort food. After my nap, I had felt somewhat better.
I threw together a concoction of ingredients, making a pot of beans from items in the pantry. They turned out really good. Hubby really liked them and the quick biscuits I threw together.
"Comfort Food, Just what I needed"
The comfort food helped....I think I'm slowly on the mend.
Had a few "snap, crackle, pops" here and there....hopefully things are falling into place.
Thank goodness I had an appointment with the Doctor already scheduled for
Tuesday morning. I'm going to NEED it! 
Buttermilk Cheese & Chive Biscuits
So WHY did I share this story with you? Because, the pot of beans turned out so GOOD I had to share. See Friday's post for the recipe.    
"Yummy on a Crummy Day" 
Neck & Back Pain, NOT my kind of Style... 
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