Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentines Day...
 Photo belongs to Tara @ Trendy Treehouse
 The Trendy Treehouse Kids spent the night with Nana & Papa. We had a craft night for Valentines Day projects. This was the projects for the teachers. 
 I found these at Michaels as I was running past an isle. 
BRAKES....back-up and SNATCHED!!! Too Cute NOT to buy.
Love Everything about this fireplace mantel & decor.
I MUST have this! I said PLEASE (see sticky note on photo).
So Hubby hasn't seen the stickers yet! I put them on the fridge....
Wouldn't that be awesome Valentines gifts??? 
Hint, Hint Honey....
So speaking of Happy Hearts Day...I talked to Hubby on the phone today and he said, 
"I left a Valentine's Day gift for you on the Wine Bar!"
"You did? WHERE? I didn't see anything?"
"Ya...It's that BIG RED box on the bar!"
"YOUUU know...the BIG RED box on the BAR!"
"OH, ya RIGHT!
Ya MEAN the unopened Sees Candy BoX!!!
(@!#%$&***EVIL TWIN LOOK, TOO bad HE missed it!)
Does HE know the difference between Valentines & April Fools??? NOT FUNNY HONEY!
Photo belongs to Rae @ Thermal Solutions...
Have an awesome day EVERYONE!
The picture above is the Valentines Cards we did with the Thermal Solution Kids!
Too Cute!
*Nice finish Rae!!!
Have a very Sweet & Happy Valentine's Day...
Do It with Style!

All photo's belong to NeeCee @ PineCreek Style
Unless otherwise stated...

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