Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freedom of Flight...

Freedom of Flight...

To All that Fly
by John D. Duvall

May God grant you blue skies aloft,
With winds of calm by land,
As you play on the outskirts of Heaven,
On the fragile wings of man.
 Our nephew had told me; "Next time I'm UP, I'll fly by...". I had told him to let me know the next time he flew by, I wanted to have the camera ready!
So friday afternoon...I got a text! "Be there in 10 minutes for a fly by!"
I grabbed the camera and ran to the balcony!
 He came from the North about 4:50 pm.
 That's our nephew front and center.
 And South they went! A quick trip down the river and then headed towards town.
Awesome!!! This Auntie was happy, and I got some great photos!
 So, I went in the house and down loaded the pictures. Thinking I was all done, I sent the pictures to his Mom and a few others. BUT THEN, another text....
"Headed back for a better picture"!
YEAH....Grabbed the camera, almost forgetting the photo disk, and RAN to the balcony.....HE WAS HERE!
 Snap, Snap, Snap.....It was nonstop! Got even better photos. Whoo-Hoo.
 I was snapping so fast, I couldn't even wave!
 In a quick turn, they were off to the North again.
Flying by with Style...
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