Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Boy Blue...

This dresser was a find! It had good bones, solid and sturdy....BUT... a few boo-boo's from not being totally loved! Not bad for a $25 price!
 HE had several stains, so deeply engraved, that HE had to be painted. Painting beautiful wood is very hard for me to  imagine. I brought him home and looked at him for about a month, until I decided how to paint him!
 He had a furniture mark that bore the name "Virginia House". As near as I can figure the furniture business was bought by Basset Furniture Co. in the mid to late 90's. Originally built as a child's wardrobe, vintage late 1940's or early 1950's.
 I loved this liberty bell, nicely carved and just plain beautiful! A TRUE AMERICANA STYLE piece of furniture. Lovely and beautifully crafted.
 But...Storage and lack of proper care caused some damage to the veneers on the sides of the dresser.
 A little tender love'n care took care of damaged area's.
 The stains on the top of the dresser were too deep to sand away! So paint would have to grace this dresser soon.
 The closet area of the wardrobe is cedar lined! It didn't take long to sand him down.
 I choose California Blue from Benjamin Moore as my color and finished with a distressed look, followed with a walnut gel stain and a satin clear finish.
 Loved the dirty, distressed look!
 This color KINDA scared me at first...thought it might be TOO bright for a BOY! But after the distressing and antiquing...I fell in Love with the LOOK!
 My grandson is going to LOVE this dresser!
 Approval of the color choice came from the Parents....They LOVED IT TOO! It will be the perfect complement to the medium/light blue wall paint.
I wasn't in love with the handles on the drawers when it was plain wood....but they look great NOW!
He's Showing some Style now...
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Dori Stowell said...

What an amazing transformation! I, like you, hesitate and "stare" at items for a long time before painting over wood! I don't know why, but I love the wood so much I can't bear painting it. You made a great choice, my friend! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

NeeCee said...

Thanks Dori...I love how it turned out...and so did my grandson!....have a wonderful weekend, NeeCee