Tuesday, October 2, 2012

She's Got Style, My Buffet...

My new-to-me buffet is showing off her style.
I found her at a local thrift store...she was a great price. And SO worth the time it took to refinish her. I waited several months before I decided how I wanted to refinish her. I knew I would be staining her....BUT, she had quite a few scratches and dings.
I LOVE how Beautiful She looks!
She will grace Our newest Guest Bedroom once the remodeling is finished.
She was a light Cherry wood finish. She had a lot of scratches and some were pretty deep. She needed to be sanded and I decided to distress her because of the many marks. She also had some slight water damage on the top.
The scratches and marks were pretty much everywhere. 
But... She was solid to the core. 
She needed some LOVE!
There are two drawers that were the "Silver" drawers, lined with felt! Yuck!!! It looked nasty. Fortunately, they were fairly easy to remove. They were felt wrapped over a heavy cardboard. I removed the slats that had been nailed/tacked in place. The drawers were very clean underneath, and easy to wipe down with a bleach solution. 
The furniture mark shows this was a Style House Exclusive piece from Montgomery Wards Department Store. This is a well built beautiful piece of furniture. Solid wood, dove tailed and stout.
I removed all of the hardware. Then, I numbered all of the drawers & hardware.
You can see the difference in the stains; the drawer vs. the buffets body.
I distressed all of the bad spots and edges. Taking them down to bare wood.
I used a Dark Walnut paste stain over the sanded buffet.
I sanded the edges heavily, giving the buffet dark edges when I stained the bare wood. The heavy distressing gave the buffet character after staining without having to use paint.
The Brass hardware was very dirty and tarnished. A little elbow grease, a toothbrush and cleanser (Bar Keeper's brand) cleaned them up quick. 
The Brass looks Beautiful!
I Love Her RICH color!
This photo lets you see the distressed corners on the top and edges.
 Since she is waiting for her spot in the bedroom...
I thought I would add a little fall decor....
So... here SHE is in all HER Glory! 
I love HER burnished look...
I can't wait to put the New Guest Room together...But, That will have to be another post. Until then She will have to wait until her proper place is ready.
I Just LOVE Her Style...
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Nicole Estes said...

Ooooh! This is amazing!!! I know you are just thrilled with how it turned out. I wish I could find something like this. It's beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up at Doodles & Stitches!

NeeCee said...

Thank you...I am quite happy with her...she was an amazing find and in very sturdy condition....and better yet, clean inside!