Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lamp Shade Upgrade...

Lamp Shade Upgrade...
 I have had these lamps (see original below) for years...but they were too dark for any of my current rooms.
I needed to have a lamp with a lighter colored shade. 
This is my travel themed bedroom. There is a blend of decor representing some of our travels. The shade above is slightly larger and lighter. This room gets lots of sunlight and several items are a cream color.
 These lamps were an upscale price and had been used in our master bedroom for years. At that time they matched our bedroom set...a dark walnut. The black shades just didn't fit the current room and they were just sitting the closet!!! 
 I found the shades at Walmart for a great price. I wanted to add some Bling! So I purchase replacement chandelier crystals at Home Depot for a very reasonable price. Because of the braiding on the lamp, it was very easy to upgrade this lamp to bling status in minutes. Easy Peasy!!!
 Here's a photo without the bling added!!!
 These fobs are real crystals not plastic. A great deal at $5.00 a pack.
My international lamp, looks great in my International Guest Room! Kind of  funky, the lamp, a Shabby Chic Satin Oriental/Italian blend..... 
It works for ME!
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